A Little Lighthouse Update

We relaunched our site on Webflow!

If you're positioning yourself as the go to agency for Webflow, it only makes sense to have your agency website built on Webflow. So that what we've done! This new website you're on right now is still being tweaked but we just couldn't wait any longer to launch.

We love Webflow at Lighthouse and we now use it for the majority of our web projects. The total design freedom is a genuine joy to behind and coding a website visually is a game changer.

For our hero section we've made use of three.js to provide the digital wave effect and the flashing lighthouse in the background us simply a div block with a large radius, a little blur and an interaction that takes it from 100% opacity to zero.

As well as allowing us create unique websites, Webflow has an extremely intuitive CMS that makes managing your content a dream. We also find clients manage their content far easier using Webflow.

We hope you like the new website as much as we do and feel free to have a lot at the walkthrough video below of our approach In creating it.

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