how much does a website cost?

A Difficult Question To Answer

It's perhaps the number one question any agency gets asked and the answer is £4875.93.....

OK the answer is it massively depends on what your needs are.

A 3 page brochure website for a dog walking business will cost significantly less than a 200 page Ecommerce store for a large company.

At Lighthouse Digital we price the project which factors in the size of the organisation, the risks involved, the client expectations, the number of pages, CMS requirements to name just a few.

Just to be slightly more helpful, our web design and development services start at £3000. This is our minumum engagement level for design and development and in all reality our average project cost is likely more than this.

The budget is based on the amount of ground work we do before starting a project. We don't just build a site for you and hope for the best, we have various different stages of the process that allows us to fully understand your business and businesses needs.

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