Why We're A Webflow Specialist Agency

At Lighthouse Digital we specialise in all things Webflow

What is Webflow?

Webflow is on online Web design and development tool that allows you to code websites visually. Unlike page builders for WordPress such as WPbakery or beaver builder, Webflow offers you complete control over every element on the page. This allows you complete design and development freedom in a way that's only been possible up until now with hand coding.

Webflow has a far greater learning curve than most other website building tools and is really aimed at those with a basic knowledge of html and css. You don't need to know how to code to use it, but it'll certainly make your life easier if you do!

From a client perspective, we find our clients love the Webflow CMS. It has a more modern UI than WordPress out of the box and allows clients to easily manage their content via CMS collections.

Why is Webflow so good?

One of the main aspects that makes Webflow such an amazing tool is that the code it outputs CAN be as good as if it were hand coded by a developer especially when it comes to html and CSS. I say "can" because it's still possible to mess up a Webflow site if you use awful naming conventions and use an excessive amount of divs.

The main draw for developers is the creative freedom Webflow allows. This freedom is further enhanced by the use of interactions. You can animate every element on the page with Webflow interactions and do so visually. The way Webflow allows you a visual control of interactions is what really makes it unlike any other builder and allows you to create some truly original designs.

Webflow also has an amazing CMS that allows you to manage dynamic data and create listings, team member pages, dealership sites and even marketplaces. Webflow doesn't have "plugins" as such but there are now developers out there providing solutions for CMS filtering, member functionality and much more.

Another aspect is the fact that hosting is all managed by Webflow and all hosting packages come with a CDN and SSL as standard. To publish your website, it's as easy as clicking publish and you're live.

Why Webflow is great for clients

The Webflow CMS is an often overlooked feature of Webflow but it's easily one of the best features it has to offer. If you're familiar with WordPress and the use of Advanced Custom Fields and CPTUI, Webflow essentially has this baked in natively. This means you are able to create templated designs for clients to easily be able to input data themselves.

Looking for a Webflow Specialist agency?

Well you just found one. Our team are Webflow certified and regularly contribute to the Webflow community as seen below and we love developing using the platform. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with your Webflow project!

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